VentureWeb in Squamish

Before I moved to Canada I contacted VentureWeb to look for work opportunities. They were thrilled to hear from me. This was six months before I was leaving from Sweden, and I stayed in touch with James until I arrived in Squamish to make sure everything was going good.

This is some quotes from James emails

Your skills and experience look right in line.

We are definitely interested in having you in the working mix this fall!

We can offer you health coverage while you are working for VentureWeb.

I would be more than happy to utilize your skills (…).

We will definitely have work for you to do.

We are super busy too – so I am hoping we can get you into some contracting soon too.

Looks good, doesn’t it?


How it actually turned out

How it actually turned out is a competly different story. Its fascinating how such amount of what appears to be solid statements can turn out to be pure bullshit.
When I arrived to Squamish (travelled 10 000 km), this is what I got (slightly surprised).

We’ll keep you in mind as we consider resourcing some of the new projects this fall and let you know of any outsourcing opportunities.

Of course VentureWeb and I did not have any kind of contract but still! I did assume that James would be backing up his words just a little bit more then that.

Thanks James


Man lever och lär!

Stötte på en björn under en cykeltur

En björn dök upp två meter från mig under cykelturen. Precis när jag åkt förbi inser jag att stigen tar slut och det bara finns träsk framåt. Behöver åka tillbaka mot och förbi björnen. Självklart filmade jag!
Häftigt och läskigt.

Björn på tomten

Jag har väl nämnt att vi bor i Kanada nu. I VILDMARKEN!!! och vi fick sällskap när vi grillade kyckling på vår tomt! Vi filmade och tog kort från vår ytterdörr.